Yerba Buena #1 <br> The Mother Lodge

Yerba Buena #1 The Mother Lodge

CLAMPER CREED As I pass through this life, may I always be humble, may I never take myself serious-"a stuffed shirt", may I always appreciate a little bit of the "ridiculous"; may I always be a two-fisted Clamper when the bottle pass's my way, and if I imbibe and can't hold it like a man, then may I always be able to "Pass it on to the next Brother", may I never forget the stout-hearted men who settled a great Western wilderness, and the heritage we have today; may I never fail to appreciate a bit of Western lore.

Calendar Clamp Year 6023 (2018)

January 12 2019: Norton Day View Proc
February 23rd 2019: Widders Ball view proc
March 2nd 2019: In & Out 9am at Mariposa Yacht Club 405 Terry A Francois BLVD, San Francisco, CA 94158
March 16th 2019: YB #1 & JM #13 Joint Doins view proc
June 1st 2019: JOB CRUISE! We need at least 500 redshirts attending to pay for the SS Jeremiah O'Brien to sail the Bay. Pre-pay today view proc
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Officers Position
Erik "Crazy Legs" Cummins Noble Grand Humbug
Korey "Rivet" Luna Vice Noble Grand Humbug & Webmaster
Anton "Section 5" Souza Noble Grand Recorder
Joseph "The Noble Double" Amster Vice Noble Grand Recorder
Mike "Mountain Mike" Russell Gold Dust Receiver
John "Torro" Ortiz XNGH Clampatriarch
Rick Schrier Hawker
Tom "Moose" Whiteford XNGH Clamp Chef & Asst. Hawker
Kai "Confusion" Wada Roath Hangman
Doug "Dadoo" Luna Noble Grand Erectionist
Chris "The Junglist" Carney Publican
Bob "Doc" Chandler Historian
"Dynamite" Deke Sonnichsen Historian
Frank "Big Hitch" Reppen Head of Security & Staff

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PO Box 25012
San Mateo, CA 94402

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