Yerba Buena #1 <br> The Mother Lodge

Since 1931, Yerba Buena #1 of E Clampsus Vitus has been a nonprofit historical organization with the mission to preserve the true and little known history (along with some tall-tales) of the American West

Calendar Clamp Year 6026 (2021)

Norton Day: TBD
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Officers Position
Chris "Hawt Dawg" Carney Noble Grand Humbug x2
"Confusion" Kai Wada Roath Vice Noble Grand Humbug & Work Party Organizer
Joseph Amster "The Noble Double" Noble Grand Recorder
Mike "Mountain Mike" Russell Gold Dust Receiver & Hawker
Joseph Sheppard Gold Dust Receiver
XNGH Rick Schrier Clamp Ambassador
Dennis Moore Hangman & Noble Grand Marshall
Mike Gaub Noble Grand Erectionist
John "Wrong-way" Perez Publican
Rick Saber "Capn' Crunch" Historian
Chris Lopez Damn Fool Door Keeper
Dominic Angulo Noble Grand Stewart
Carlos Fred Head of Security
Morgan Torr Royal Platrix
Rory Downing Royal Vitrix
Korey "Rivet" Luna Clampatriarch x2 & Webmaster

Mailing address for everything YB#1:

PO Box 25012
San Mateo, CA 94402